Monday, December 29, 2014

December Favorites~

Hello all!
It's been a little while since I've done a favorites post, so I thought I'd do one for December since there were lots of things that I liked c:
Let's start!

Rodial Stem Cell Super-Food Cleanser
I've tried something by this company before and it was fantastic, so I decided to try this. I don't regret it- it's truly amazing. It washes off absolutely all my makeup, and in addition to that, it leaves my skin feeling moisturized and soft. I've been using it for a few weeks now and there have been no negative effects on my skin, so I'm happy with it ^_^ The jar is huge, so it'll last me quite a while c:
Miracle Skin Pore Tightening Pack
I got this skin pack in a Memebox a while ago (I have yet to review the box...), and it's amazing. It smells really fresh and it's a very quick mask- it takes only about 7 minutes for it to dry. It makes my skin soft, and in addition to that my pores do seem smaller than they were before c: If you can find this somewhere, I really recommend that you get it ^_^
Tarte Blush in "Magic"
I've heard many good things about the Tarte blushes, but they're quite expensive so I never got one. On Black Friday however, they had a boxed set of Tarte products (a mascara, a lip gloss, and this blush), for only $10, so naturally I got it. This blush is fantastic. The color is very vibrant and pretty, and although the compact is small, the product is very dense and it'll last a while. I've been using it for more than a month and I still haven't made a dent in the design of the surface, so I think it'll last quite a long time. It also stays for a long time on the face, which is nice. So, if you're looking for a long-lasting blush, this is the one I think you should get~
Teavanna Rose Blush Oolong Tea Set
I got a set of this tea tumbler, tea tin, and tea for Christmas, and I really love it <3 The tea is amazing, it's very fruity and floral and delicious. I also like the tin and the tumbler, the tumbler in particular is quite useful c: This is definitely one of the tastier teas I've tried from Teavanna- and I've tried many good ones.
The Crimson Labyrinth- by Yusuke Kishi
I became interested in this book because its author was the creator of my favorite anime, Shinsekai Yori. Naturally I had to read it. This book is fantastic- I can't put it down, actually. I've been reading it non stop and not only is the plot fascinating, the writing is very good. For those of you curious about a plot summary, it's a satire about intense game shows (Running Man I believe is the one being made fun of), so people have to make the right choices to win. People have compared it to the Hunger Games, but I personally like this more because of how much more suspenseful it is, and how much more strategy the characters have to use (no offense to you Hunger Games fans out there). I had to buy a copy of this because it wasn't in my library, but I don't regret it.
Puella Magi Kazumi Magica: The Innocent Malice
As much as I love Madoka Magica, this is better. Sadly though, there isn't an anime adaptation :( Like Madoka Magica, it's about magical girls (this is essentially set in the same universe- Mami Tomoe even appears).The art is very good (in my opinion, better than in Madoka Magica), and the plot is a lot sadder. If you like manga, I highly recommend this.
Big Hero 6
This movie is amazing! I saw it with my friend and my sister this weekend and I love it so much <3 The animation was great, the plot was great, and it was just fantastic :3 It's definitely one of the best Disney movies I've seen in a while- I could watch it over and over again :3 If you haven't seen it yet, you definitely should~
And that's about it~
I hope you all enjoyed your holidays, and since I probably won't post again until next year ;D, Happy New Year!
Have you tried/seen/read any of these? Did you like them?


  1. ahh I want to see big hero 6 so badly!!! before i forget: i wish u a healthy and a wonderful 2015 ^^ hehe~

    A C Y H O Z - blog


    1. You really should watch it!! And thanks! I wish you a happy and healthy 2015 as well ^_^

  2. The tea sounds wonderful! I like the tumblr for it :D
    I can't wait to see Big Hero 6! I hear it's really great!

    1. I love the tea ^_^
      You should see it as soon as you can! :3


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