Sunday, September 27, 2015

Dresslink Review {Sponsored}~

こんばんは みなさん!げんき ですか?
Good evening everyone! How are you all?
Today I have a review for you all of several items from Dresslink!
Dresslink is an online shop with a huge selection of super cheap clothes! They have dresses, shoes, skirts... the list goes on and on! I did a wishlist of some of their items a little while ago- check it out here!
Anyways, let's start!
Everything arrived in a reasonable amount of time- about three weeks or so. You can chose different types of shipping though, if you have any time constraints. With Dresslink, there isn't a total combined shipping cost- each item has its shipping price listed, so in the end all of those prices are added up and added onto your total. I think it's based upon weight- so something heavy like a pair of shoes would be more expensive than say, a necklace.
Everything arrived packaged in individual bags, which is nice~
Everything nicely packaged~
Now, the first thing I'll be reviewing is this super adorable tutu skirt!
Tutu Skirt
I just think this is such an adorable style of skirt! It has many layers of tulle, and so has a very soft, fairy like appearance. I  got it in the 'apricot' colorway~

The waistband is a different colour from the skirt itself, which I find to look a bit awkward, so I just wear a shirt over the waistband~ I really love this skirt so much! <3 It's soft, and it makes me feel so magical hehe~ It's less than $5, so I think it's definitely worth the price! I'm so tempted to get it in more colors hehehe~
Here's a photo of it worn!
Standing on the bed like the awkward person I am
With my forever favorite Obey sweater <3
And also, it has a slip underneath, so you don't have to worry about undergarments showing through the tulle~

Next item!

Flowy Flowery Crop Tank
This shirt was only $0.01! Now it's back at its regular price, but Dresslink always has several items that are only $0.01 in the 'Special Offers' section of the shop- it's definitely worth checking out! You're essentially getting the item for free- you just need to pay for shipping!
I chose this shirt in the white colorway- but I had a tough time making that decision! All the colors are really pretty
A bit wrinkled, but nothing wrong with that!
The shirt is made of a really soft chiffon-y material, and it's relatively seethrough, but since there are two layers of fabric it's not much of a problem. I really love the print on the fabric- I think it's just so pretty! 
This is a crop top, so I decided to wear it with high waisted shorts.
Not sure if I love how it looks on me, but it's a cute shirt nonetheless~

Next item are these super duper cute floral sunglasses!
Flower Sunglasses
Ohhhhh my goodness these are just the best thing ever.

I have gotten so many compliments on these sunglasses, and I've only worn them once! I feel like they're just really well made- the flowers are gorgeous (although a bit fragile... the big pink ones are quite bendy, so I'm afraid that a petal will fall off- so far that hasn't happened though!)
And of course, these function well as sunglasses. They protect my eyes from the sun- not much more to say about that! They're also quite comfortable~
And they're great for when you want to overload your head with floral accessories... hehe
These are definitely my favorite item- I think they're oh so very gorgeous <3
Last item is this cute hot air balloon necklace!
Vintage Hot Air Balloon Necklace
This necklace is very reasonably priced, and quite intricate! It doesn't quite look like the stock photo, but I think it's good enough.

The ribbon is different and the chain seems a bit discolored in places- but the main focus is the unique charm, so I think that's all that really matters hehe (because you can easily find a new gold chain- not quite as easy to find a cute hot air balloon charm!)
Another small problem- there's no clasp!
I still think this is a minor problem that can be easily fixed, and that the necklace is still worth getting if you want to have something really unique that will get you a ton of compliments :3
Anyways, thank you once again to Dresslink for sending me all of these lovely items for review!
You should all check out their site for cute, reasonably priced clothes and accessories!
Thanks for reading!


  1. the flowery crop tank really good on u ^^

    Tori Chu

    1. Thank you! <3 I wasn't sure about how it looked, so it's nice to get another opinion about that! ^_^

  2. Is this like for real?? i think i need to check them out :) Love the tops ♥

    Nique ||

    1. Hehe, yep, it's all real! Definitely check them out ^_^ They have a lot of great deals

  3. So many cute items! Love those sunglasses on you!! :)

    1. Thank you! I love the sunglasses so much <3

  4. So many cute things! I especially love the top!

    1. I love cute things <3 Hehe~ The top is quite cute!

  5. The floral singlet looks super cute on you!! :D


    1. Ahh thank you! I wasn't too confident about it- so thanks for the reassurance :3


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