Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September 2015 Favorites~

Hello everyone!
Whaaaaaa it's been forever since I've done a favorites post ;~; (Seriously- the last time I did one was in May...)
So with it being the last day of September, I thought I'd finally make one :3
Let's start!

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshener
I got this toner a bit more than a month ago (I think), and I quite like it! It claims to have a ton of benefits for your pores, and so far I'm not really seeing any of those benefits, but I do think that my skin is getting slowly better so I'm content ^_^ I haven't really made much of a dent in this- I think it should last me quite a while (I use it every night). It's not drying which is great- I really don't like when toners are super drying... So, I recommend this toner if you're looking for a good one! ^_^

innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum
I got this at the same time as I got the toner, and I've also been using it nightly. Despite it being really humid and hot in Florida, my skin got really dry (I blame this on the intense air conditioning). This serum is moisturizing without making my skin oily, and it doesn't feel heavy at all, so I love it! It also smells fantastic *u* It's not very cheap (about $20), but at the same time you don't need very much (I use a pump of the product each time), so I think it's worth it. I recommend this serum because not only is it moisturizing, it also has the many benefits of green tea~

Nest White Sandalwood Rollerball
I got this perfume when I was in New York around my birthday this year, but I hadn't used it that much in the summer. With it finally being autumn, I'm finding that this perfume fits in very nicely with the weather. It has sandalwood, which is one of my favorite fragrances, and I think it also has anise notes in it. Anise isn't my favorite- but it nicely complements the sandalwood so I like it. It's a bit heavy of a perfume, which is why it being a rollerball is a plus. I just put a bit on the insides of my wrists, behind my ears, and at the base of my neck, and I'm all set! Also, the packaging of this is so pretty *u* All of the Nest perfumes have really pretty packaging~ I sort of wish I had this in the full size so I could display it being all pretty teehee~

Moving on from beauty favorites~

Dresslink Rose Sunglasses
I got these in my recent Dresslink haul, and I love them so much! I always get a ton of compliments on them, and  I think it's fun to be able to wear cute sunglasses >u< It's no longer summer, but the sun is still there, so I still need these hehe.

A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki
I finished this book this month, and it was really really good! It's the story of a 16 year old Japanese girl named Nao who's bullied at school, and a woman who lives on an island who finds her journal when it washes upon her beach in a Hello Kitty lunch box. I really loved this book because it was written really beautifully- you could really relate to the characters. It's a pleasure to read (although it is kind of graphic in some parts)- and the story is fascinating too. There were days when I just couldn't put it down. I really recommend this if you're looking for something to read!

Bride's Story by Kaoru Mori
I got this manga quite a while ago, and it was one of the ones I brought with me to university, so I've been reading it again and I remembered how much I love it <3 It's a historical manga, and the art is just so absolutely gorgeous, I really recommend checking it out! I still need to get the other volumes, because I really love it >u<

Hatsune Miku Project Mirai DX 3DS Game
I managed to snag the preorder edition of this game, and I love it so so much *u* In eighth grade I was obsessed with vocaloids, and so I decided to get this game (because come on, vocaloids are still cool). This is a rhythm game, but you can also interact with/dress up your vocaloid. It's definitely a super adorable game. The majority of the songs are Miku ones, which was sad because I like Luka the most, but it's still a great game :3 (it's good for relieving stress too~)

I've really really been loving the anime 'Tamako Market'. It's about Tamako, a girl who works in a mochi shop, and her friends, and the things that happen to them~ It's really cute- I started watching it on a day when I was feeling sort of blue and it definitely brightened up my mood :3 It's only twelve episodes which is a shame- I only have one left ;~; I really recommend it though because it's just the cutest thing ever >u< And the art is really adorable! So yes, watch it :3

Finally, I've really been loving the app Webtoon! It's an app from the same company that made Line, and it's basically just a bunch of comics. They're updated pretty frequently, so I like reading between classes. They also have a website where you can read the comics~ Some of my favorites are Yumi's Cells and Untouchable- both are really interesting!

Anyway, that's about it! 
Thank you for reading! I hope you liked the post~ 


  1. I also have Etude House Wonder Pore Freshener, but haven tried it at all haha, coz Im still not sure which is it good or not,after read ur post I think I wanna use this toner soon ^^
    thanks for sharing

    Tori Chu

    1. You should try it! I definitely think it's a good product ^.^
      Thanks for reading!

  2. I can't hardly remember when was the last time I watched new released anime, however, still watch some old-skool anime (like Ghibli or Satoshi Kon) instead of new one to spend my pastime. Maybe I should watch new one like Tamako Market! Thanks for sharing!

    Hello eyecandyforladies!

    1. Ahh yeah I still watch old school ones~ I love Ghibli <3 You definitely should check out Tamako Market! It's so so cute >u< Thanks for reading!

  3. Those glasses are really amazing! And I love the cover of Bride's Story, I've never read that but I love historical fiction, so I might have to check that one out! :)

    Lipstick and Mocha

    1. They really are fabulous, I love them :3 You definitely should check it out! It's nice because it doesn't feel like a history book x3

  4. So many people rave about the Wonder Pore! I think my pores are hopeless though. All the pore products I've tried either will work temporarily or would not work at all. :/

    1. Yeah it's definitely a super popular product! Aw I'm sorry :( Well, I think the thing with these products is that most of them do work temporarily- once you stop using them your pores probably go back to the way they were. I hope you'll find something that works for you though! ^_^

  5. What a great blog post my Dear !:) I really like all news from you :)
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  6. Thanks for sharing your favorites! I've always wanted to try the Innisfree Green Tea Seed line, but never have. I need to read more on it because I love anything green tea related haha

    1. Thank you for reading! ^.^ I think the green tea seed line is great! I haven't tried other parts of it, but the serum (which I think is the most popular) is really good c: Definitely worth trying out~


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