Friday, April 28, 2017

Tokyo Otaku Mode Review | Loppy Bunny~

Hi everybunny!
Today I thought I'd do a little review of my recent purchase from Tokyo Otaku Mode!
If you haven't heard of them, they're a site which sells Japanese clothing, anime merchandise, plushies, and food too! I've always wanted to order something from them and so I finally did!
The item I ordered was....
Mimipyon! She's a character from the Pote Usa Loppy collection made by Amuse; if you haven't heard of Amuse, they're a big producer of plushies that you can get in UFO catchers in Japan! They have a lot of super duper cute designs, but I've always loved the bunny series the most >///< (although you can check out all of their designs here!)
I wanted a Loppy bunny for years, and so finally my dream was accomplished!
Unfortunately they no longer have this particular one in stock, but they do have a lot of different bunny designs and sizes available! I ended up getting the big size (which isn't even the biggest, they also have a super jumbo size, but it's close to $200!)
But anyways, enough about me talking about the different types of bunnies: let's get into the review!

I made my order April 3rd, and she was shipped out April 5th! I chose the cheapest shipping option, which I think ended up being free because I was a first time customer. Luckily it  came with a tracking number, so I was able to track the progress of my bunny's arrival ^^ The total price ended up being $25, which I think is very reasonable!
Since I chose the cheapest shipping option, the shipping did take quite a while- she was delivered April 26th, which makes the shipping time approximately 3 weeks (if I recall, the expected delivery time was 2-4 weeks, so she arrived in the expected amount of time)~ 
The shipping was very sturdy- she came in a box, which I wasn't expecting! I'm glad the shipping was so sturdy though, because otherwise she could have gotten squished or damaged ;^;
Before I go on, I filmed an unboxing video if you're interested! It's not the most informative, mostly just my excitement at finally getting this bunny :')

Anyways, at the top of the package was a folder with a drawing of a girl on it! I don't know if she's from a specific video game/anime, so I'm sorry about that ;-; 

In the video I didn't notice that this actually held the invoice, as well as a sticker with a little ninja character on it! I think this is Tokyo Otaku Mode's mascot, if I'm not mistaken~
And finally....
If you watched the video, you would've seen that she came wrapped in plastic, but I wasn't able to get a photo of that, since I was filming ^^"
She's so precious though ;u;
She's blushing too!
You can't see it very well, but she also has a white and red polka-dot ribbon on her neck!
She's about 13 inches tall- I think she's one of my biggest plushies!

On the whole I'm super duper happy with my order- it was everything I expected it to be! 
Here's a summary of my whole experience:

Shipping❤ (5/5)
Although shipping did take a while, I chose the cheapest option, so that was expected~ Everything was well packaged and I like that they included a tracking number, so I have no complaints!

Price: ❤ (5/5)
I've seen these bunnies being sold for $40 in a lot of places, so the $25 I paid was very reasonable! I also didn't have to worry about her being a fake, because Tokyo Otaku Mode carries only authentic Amuse plushies c:

Quality: ❤ (5/5)
Again, since she's an authentic Amuse plushie, her quality is nothing other than fantastic!

Overall Experience: ❤ (5/5)
On the whole, I was very happy with my experience shopping with Tokyo Otaku Mode! I have absolutely no complaints, because the entire process was very smooth and my purchase ended up being exactly what I hoped it'd be ^-^ I ended up purchasing their premium membership, so I'll definitely be shopping more from them in the future!

I hope you found this review helpful 
Thank you for reading, bye-bye!

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