Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Holiday Gift Giving Ideas and OOTD~

こにちわ みなさん!
Hello everyone ^_^
My favorite time of the year is quickly approaching- the holiday season! I one of my favorite aspects of it is the gift giving! (though the getting is quite fun too hehe~). I often find it difficult to think of what to get people, so because I thought you guys might have the same problem, I decided to write a list of ideas for what you could get for the different kinds of people in your lives c:
I hope you find it useful!
For the Japan Fan
I don't know about you guys, but I have many friends who like Japanese things. Anime, manga, fashion, the list goes on.
How about a manga version of one of their favorite animes? ^_^
Madoka Magica!
Essentially all mangas are available online nowadays, however I personally find it a lot more satisfying to hold a real book in your hands. That way you can sit down with a nice cup of tea or other drink and just read a paper and ink book~ Maybe even get them two- that way they can be on their way to starting a manga collection c:
Cute Stationary!
Sentimental Circus <3
Notebooks, folders, pens, pencils; cute stationary is amazing. Even better than some things, because it's useful! Useful presents are nice because they don't just sit around looking pretty, you can actually get some purpose out of them. Japanese stationary is so much cuter than any American stationary I see, so that's why I'm putting it in this category. 
Cooking Supplies!
Bento! ^_^
Japanese cuisine is delicious, and one of my favorite things are the bento boxes c: If you have a friend who likes cooking Japanese food, how about getting them a bento box, or some other sort of tool used for making Japanese food? Fancy chopsticks are always a nice choice :3
For the Book and Art Lover
I've noticed that when it comes to hobbies, my friends either like books or they like art. This might be common, so I included a section for these fancy people~

Art Pens!

I actually have this set :3 I love that it's pastel~
Colorful fine-tip pens are really useful. You can draw with them, and if you write with them they make things 100000% prettier. For the artist or the writer, a set of good quality colored pens would make a useful, long-lasting, and memorable gift ^_^ 
Coloring books!
This book is gorgeous :3
If you have friends who like art, but perhaps aren't the best at it, an intricate coloring book would be really nice~ I myself love coloring, color-by-numbers, that sort of thing. I've seen this book for a while and it seems like it'd be really nice for someone who likes art, but doesn't want to put in excessive effort. I can imagine it'd also be really nice for de-stressing, so if you know anyone who's been studying hard for exams it would be a nice way to give them some relaxation at a not-to-expensive price c:
A book!
So many Haruki Murakami books <3
A book is a great idea for a present, especially if you know someone's favorite author. Or, maybe even introduce them to a book that you personally like c: That way you get to introduce them to something different from what they're used to~
Clothes, makeup, beauty products in general- I'm sure most of you know at least one person who's like that, so here are some items that could work as presents for them.

Bath products!
Lush <3
This could work for a myriad of people. Most people I know like taking long, relaxing baths, and long baths are always made better by fancy bath products c: Lush has some great stuff around this time of year (I'm sure there are many other companies out there that also have interesting, nice products). This would work really nicely for any female relatives that you have (aunts, cousins, that sort of stuff), especially if you don't really know what else to get them x3
Makeup Set
Tarte "Sweet Dreams Deluxe Best Sellers Collection"
Around this time of year, Sephora has a bunch of great gift sets that are fit for any kind of budget. Whether the person you're buying a gift for likes nail polish, makeup, or skincare, you should be able to find something nice somewhere c:
Cute accessories!
Pretty necklaces ^_^
Accessories, accessories, accessories! What's not to love? c: They can make an outfit so much more interesting, and places like Forever21 have lots of interesting ones for pretty cheap. Necklaces, rings, hairbows, they all work nicely. Scarves are a great present too, and especially nice in the winter if you live in a cold climate.
Moving on~
Just a quick outfit of the day c:
I've been experimenting more with various Lolita outfits, and I liked today's result~
Blouse: Bodyline
JSK: Magic Tea Party
Socks: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Ecco (I think?)
I'd give this outfit a name of some sort but I have no idea what to call it. It did feel somewhat maid-ish though, what with the big hairbow and lots and lots of ruffles c:
I love the giant bows~
And here are some photos of the makeup I had on c:
I like how my hair looks in this photo~
So yes, I hope you guys found this post useful ^_^
Good luck shopping for the holidays~ I know this was a very brief list, but I thought it could be somewhat useful if you were completely blanking on what to get people c:
Happy early Thanksgiving!
What are you planning on getting people for the holidays? 


  1. Teehee, I'm not a lolita girl but I think your outfits are lovely ^.^

  2. very nice ideas, thanks! And i like your dress, actually your whole outfit and look. Everything suits well together. ^^

    1. I'm happy you liked it! ^.^
      And thanks! I was worried about the black blouse not working with the dress but I think it turned out well in the end c:

  3. Really, really, reaaaaaaaaaaaaally cute ヽ(●´∀`●)ノ♡
    Following! It would be great if you can visit my blog and maybe give me some advices, I'm starting with it ~(ミ´ω`ミ)~

    1. Thank you! >u<
      Thanks for following! I'll be sure to visit your blog c:

  4. The black blouse you wore is so beautiful too, I wish I have one like that, I'd mix it with miniskirt for casual lolilook♥

    1. Thanks! <3 It's a really great blouse, I'm super happy that I bought it~


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