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Memebox Scentbox #4 Floral Review~ {Sponsored}

Today I have another box sent to me for review by Memebox. Thank you Memebox! ^_^
(If you want more information about Memebox, I discuss them in more detail in my #33 K-Style 2 and #37 At Home reviews).
I was sent the Scentbox #4 Floral this time around!~
I think that the Scentboxes are typically released three at a time; this time around it was #4, Floral, #5, Tropical Fruits, and #6, Sweet Shop. I'm not the biggest fan of Floral scents, but there were some nice products in this box ^.^
It was one of Memeboxes $15 boxes, so there weren't as many products as there typically are in the big boxes. However, it was still a $50 value ^_^
A quick description of the box:
Packed with whimsical floral scented skin care and body care goodies, these magically evocative notes will immediately awaken your deepest senses and give you the impression of living in your own secret garden! Feel positively lovely with this floral explosion in a box! Open this box and you'll be transported to a field of delicate flowers and sunshine with beauty goods that burst with floral fragrance.
Now on to the items!
I got four items~

No. 1: Sally's Box Friendly Cherry Blossom Hand Mask {$2}
Product Description: An easy-to-wear glove type hand care enriched with cherry blossom extracts and shea butter, the Friendly Cherry Blossom Hand Mask will deliver intense hydration and nutrition to your dry, roughened hands.T
How to Use: Wash your hands thoroughly. Cut the hand mask in half along the dotted line, splitting it into a pair. Wear the hand mask on both hands and rest for 10-15 minutes. Remove and pat in the remaining essence for full absorbance.
I love the packaging >u<
Though this was the cheapest item in the box, it was one of my favorites. I think the packaging is super cute (they included a pamphlet that had a lot of the Sally's Box items on it- I hope that there are more in future boxes). The mask is in the form of two plastic gloves that have essence on the inside. I slipped them on and took a nap- when I woke up my hands were super soft and delicious smelling ^_^ I'd never tried a hand mask before this, and I'm eager to try more in the future. It's also quite cheap, which is nice.
No. 2: ESTHE Shower Cologne 100 ml {$26}
Product Description: ESTHE's Shower Colognes are finely-spraying body perfume that come in three most popular floral fragrances- soft, lovely rose bouquet scent, delicately sensual white musk scent, and refreshingly fruity and citrus floral scent.
How to Use: Spray the Shower Cologne all over your body after a shower.
I got the scent 'Floral Dream'
Unfortunately, my dislike of floral scents applies to this product. I'm fine with floral scents, so long as they aren't in perfume form, and this really is strongly scented... Anyways, I'll discuss the positives first. The bottle is huge, so you'll have enough for a while c: It's a very fresh scent, and if you're the kind of person who enjoys that sort of smell, then this'll be perfect for you ^_^ I just prefer lighter, muskier scents (perhaps I would've liked the White Musk scent), but this is just sort of overwhelming and thus gave me a headache after a while :/ It's not too terrible though- in moderation it's very nice. Maybe I'll just spray it on my legs so that they'll be nice and fancy and scented~
No. 3: L'OCEAN Feromonika Perfume 10 mL {$12}
Product Description: This Feromonika Perfume series is also known as "pocket perfume" due to its easy to carry around, petit packaging. L'OCEAN actually took internationally popular high-brand fragrances and infused them into their trendy series. So there's no need to spend big bucks on perfumes anymore!
How to Use: Spritz along your neck, wrist, or over clothing whenever needed.
I got scent 10, "Paros Rose"
Sadly, this was my least favorite product of the bunch. Which is unfortunate, because I love how small and easy to carry around it is. The scent though, I strongly dislike. It's a very cheap sort of flower smell- something that you might get at a drug store. They do say though that they infuse high-brand perfumes into their products, and I can see how that makes sense, since it smells like those perfumes I see at CVS sometimes that are like "Smells just like Chanel No.5" (but then they really don't...) I feel bad for hating on this so much, but I'm sorta iffy usually about floral scents, and this was just really meh... Also gave me a headache. Then again, I'm very particular about the scents that I like- if you like florals, this could be good for you! ^_^
No. 4: Secret Key Perfume Hand Cream 30g {$10}
Product Description: Some hand creams are super moisturizing but lack a long-lasting fragrance while others are disqualified for being the other way around. So, Secret Key proudly launched the Perfume Hand Cream series with 6 varieties of fragrance that actually last on your hands while being deeply hydrating and replenishing at the same time!
How to Use: Massage the hand cream onto your hands whenever needed.
I got Scent No.3~
My favorite product of the bunch, I think this hand cream is really great. It's not as moisturizing of some of my more intense ones, but my hands aren't usually that dry so it's not much of a problem. It smells really pleasant and fresh, and the scent does linger for a while which is nice. It's absorbed quickly, so you don't have to walk around with greasy hands for half an hour. I've been using this several times a day- I really love it ^_^
And that just about concludes this review ^.^
A few last words about this: I think the Scent Boxes are really cool. I just wish that there were more variety to this particular box :/ I know that in the Candy box there was a scrub, a lip gloss, a mask of some sort, and shampoo. The Tropical box had nail polish, body wash, and numerous other things. The fact that there were 2 perfumes in this sort of made it boring. Nonetheless, I'm quite happy with it, since the hand cream is fantastic >u<

Also, coupon code! This is valid for any purchase you make in November, and it's good for $5 off of any order over $30. Happy shopping! ^_^

Thanks once again to Memebox for sending me this box to review ^_^

I hope you all enjoyed this review~ See you in my next post!
~Sakura <3
Have you tried a Scentbox before?
What's your favorite kind of fragrance?


  1. Seems like a nice set! I think I'd like this a lot bc I love floral scents :)
    btw, I'm also a beauty blogger! would you like to follow each other on bloglovin? Let me know!


    1. It's a good set indeed ^.^
      I'll be sure to check out your blog!

  2. So cool to have a box of surprises ^^

    恵美より ♥

    1. It is really cool ^.^ The downside is that sometimes you get things you aren't particularily interested in, but surprises are fun nonetheless :3


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