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Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green Lens Review {LoveShoppingholics Sponsored~}

おはよう ございます!
Good morning everyone~ (or afternoon/evening, depending on where in the world you are).
Today I have another review sponsored by the lovely online circle lens shop Love Shoppingholics!
I've reviewed them before, so I won't go into too much detail about their shop, but essentially they're an online shop with a massive selection of circle lenses of all colors and designs~
So, thank you Love Shoppingholics!

The lenses I'll be reviewing today are the Geo Princess Mimi lenses in Apple Green. If this sounds a bit familiar to you, it's because I've reviewed the same lenses before in Chocolate Brown! I just really loved the design, and I wanted to have it in green as well as brown~
So, let's start!
As always, basic lens info:

Brand: Geo Medical
Diameter: 15.0 mm
Base Curve: 8.7 mm
Water Content: 38%
Life Span: 1 Year
Price: $23.90 on Love Shoppingholics

The lenses came packaged as they normally do from Love Shoppingholics- in a really cute bag inside another cute bag ^.^
Whatever I do, it is for you
sighs dreamily as is swept away by a prince*~
I still haven't found a use for these bags... but they're so cute!
These come with a cute animal lens case- elephants in this case! I like how they're green to match the color of the lenses- that way I won't have to open say, a pink case for example x3
Ah I love this case so much <3
The lenses themselves came wrapped up in this foam-like material to better protect the lens vials (so they aren't rattling around in that cute bag)~
There also was a really cute thank you note inside ^_^
I always like receiving little notes when I purchase things~
The lens vials are like the vials for the Chocolate Brown Princess Mimi lenses I bought before- no surprise there~

^^The Geo sticker has a code that you can use to check the authenticity of the lenses! You scratch of the grey part to access the code, then go to the Geo site to enter the code and see if it's authentic. I never did this because I didn't doubt the authenticity of my lenses, but if you ever end up buying lenses from a place and you're suspecting fraud, I highly recommend that you do this.

Now, the design of these lenses remind me a lot of the Madonna Green lenses that I reviewed in my last circle lens review- but these do have some differences. They're much more enlarging, and the colors are sort of darker and richer. I think these are better for more intense looks, like when wearing false eyelashes, so they're much more eye-catching. In the end I think both are great, and despite the similarity, they still look good ^_^

Window Lighting
See what I mean? The color is very, very rich.

Camera  Flash

I couldn't take the photo without blinking- so have a photo with half-closed eyes (sorry ;~;)
 Dim Lighting

These lenses look green in all lighting, which is nice! Normally when you go into dim light, the color of the lens sort of goes away and you're left with just the enlarging effect, but even in dim light, you can tell that the lenses are green.
On to full-face photos, because those are the most fun :3

I had just painted my nails~

My Shiro necklace is seriously my favorite thing ever <3
Eye rhinestone because... why not?

My fabulous wall~
And of course, a few words on the lenses.
 As I mentioned, the design is really similar to the lenses I reviewed last time, but these are definitely better for the whole "eye enlarging super kawaii" look. Because they're so enlarging (15.0mm is big!), I recommend using eyeliner, and fake eyelashes if you can. This will bring out the enlargement, and won't make you look like a scary alien ^.^

These were really comfortable. I wore them for a long time, so near the end of that time they became a bit uncomfy, but overall the comfort was quite good. I think my eyes have become a bit overly sensitive though, so these did bother me a tad because they dried out my eyes a little big (something to keep in mind if you have sensitive eyes). In any case, it's nothing a few eyedrops wouldn't fix.

Anyways, thank you for reading!
I hope you enjoyed the post~
What did you think of these lenses?
What sort of lenses do you like to wear?


  1. your're so beautiful :3 The lenses look great on you :3 Really awesome color <3

    1. Thank you so much! ;u; <3
      And the color is amazing, right! :D

  2. I love this line of lens too, I think all the Princess MiMi lens are quite nice

    Love, Anne ♥
    ✿ ✿

    1. The lens collection would have to be one of my favorites ^_^ I would get the grey ones, but I just have so many grey lenses already~

  3. The lenses looks so natural on you!
    You look adorable! :)

    1. I wouldn't call them super natural, but I guess they are more natural than lenses I've reviewed in the past~
      Thank you! >u<

  4. Your eyes look breath taking! I love this color on you <3 I think I'll have to take a look at their site---I've never bought lenses before, but I really want to!
    She Will Be

    1. Ahh thank you! <3 I love how the green looks too- I always wished i had green eyes x3 You should try getting lenses! It's really fun to be able to change up your look every so often!

  5. These lenses look soo pretty!! They make your eyes look soo princess-y and you're right, they look way better with false eyelashes! I sometimes see some girls wearing them with almost no makeup and it does look weird :s I prefer natural brown lenses with a small natural diameter! I feel like lenses bigger than 14.5mm make me look weird :/
    Thanks for this review ♥ Your photos are really high quality btw!

    1. Ah they are sort of princessy! >u< Yeah, I don't quite see why people wear such enlarging lenses when they don't do any eye enlarging makeup! Smaller diameter lenses are also nice- I wear those when I don't want to put on a lot of eyeliner and eyelashes (which is what I do with the bigger diameter lenses). I'm glad you liked the review and the photos! <3

  6. You have a super blog! I like it very much
    maybe follow for follow? :)
    Kisses from Poland <3

    1. Thank you! ^_^
      Sure, I'd be happy to follow you~
      I'll let you know on your blog when I do c:

  7. Your blog is sooo good & I think you look sooo gorgeous in these lenses! Would you mind checking out my blog? & let's follow each other if you don't mind being blog buddies ^^

    1. Ahh thank you! <3 I'd love to check out your blog! <3

  8. Great post! You have a lovely blog! Let me know if you'd like us to follow eachother on GFC and keep in touch?

    1. Thank you! <3 And yes, I'll gladly check out your blog ^.^

  9. oh your lens are so cooool! :D you look cute :))



  10. i follow you :3 <3
    kisses from Poland :)

  11. Your Lense are real cute ♥ im a fan of hazel eyes btw :)

    i followed you || Follow back?

    Nique ||

    1. Thanks! ^.^ Haha yeah, hazel eyes are pretty~
      Thank you for the follow! I followed you back~

  12. Aaah these look so lovely on you! *_* Green lenses suit you so well!
    I've recently gotten myself this exact same pair too but I haven't reviewed them just yet! I can't wait to open and try 'em on! >w< I will do it soon though so, if you're curious, please keep an eye on my cosplay blog to see what they will look like on light eyes! ;)


    ☆ Shiro Samurai's Cosplay Blog ☆
    ☆ Ink & Sword Lifestyle Blog ☆

    1. Thank you! <3 Yeah, I love green lenses~
      Ooh, I'll be looking out for the review! It's always interesting to see the contrast between how lenses look on light eyes and dark eyes c:


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