Monday, July 20, 2015

Lolita Swap Meet Haul~

Hello cuties!
A couple of days ago I was at my first lolita swap meet, and I managed to pick up a ton of cute goodies for not too much money! I thought I'd show you guys (because I personally love seeing peoples hauls).

Let's start!
Swimmer Biscuit Bag
This bag was the most expensive item I got at the meet, and also one of my favorites (because who wouldn't want a biscuit bag). I've always wanted a cute bag for lolita, and this bag especially had caught my eye, so I'm super happy that I was able to get it. The fork and spoon on the zipper are really cute too
Pretty <3
The bag is also super roomy, and although I wish it had more pockets and stuff inside (it's mostly just one giant compartment), I think I'll get a lot of use out of it. It was 2nd hand, but it seems like it was hardly used at all- yay!
Bunny Rosette
I didn't really buy this because I had a burning desire for it, but I got it along with the bag because the girl didn't have cash change so I had to get something else to be able to get the bag. The dark stripes look black, but they're actually navy! The ones on the back are really soft velvet. The bunny is cute too- I'm not sure what I'll wear this with, but maybe I'll pin it on my backpack or something like that (on the back is both a hairclip and a pin clip, so it's versatile!).
Dolluxe Whiplash Attack Eyelashes
I got this pair of eyelashes along with the next two items from the same person (for a reasonable price~). I've never owned any fancy eyelashes from a legitimate eyelash company, so I'm excited to own these! These were unused (I believe), but the glue had kind of exploded. The problem of the broken glue didn't bother me too much though, because I prefer using my own eyelash glue anyways. I'm not sure how well these will suit my eyes, but I hope they'll look nice! I really like the style, and they're so soft.
Etsy Wrist Cuffs
I normally make my own wrist cuffs, but these were really soft and simply darling, so I ended up buying them. I didn't have any dresses which matched the color scheme, but later in the meet I ended up getting a dress (which I'll show you soon) that I think would look really cute with these~ These are pretty small length wise, which is nice because they don't completely overtake my hands.
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Bolero Cutsew
I don't actually know the name of this cutsew, but oh well~ I thought it was about time for me to own a cutsew, since they're really comfy and you can just wear one with a skirt and be comfy and cute~ This one is really soft, but the ribbon does look a bit strange on me when tied, so I may wear it without the ribbon.
Bunny Shoes!
Omigosh I swear I've seen these shoes everywhere, and with good reason- they're so darn cute! The girl who I bought these from had barely worn them because they were too small on her. You can bend the wire in the ears up for a variety of bunny ear looks, which I think is a cute feature~ These are a bit stiff in the toes and I ended up getting some painful blisters from them (I blame the blisters on the fact that I didn't wear socks with these however). I hope that when I wear these with socks, they'll be comfier ;u;
Rilakkuma Memo Pad!
A totally non-lolita item, but I love memopads and this one was really cheap so I decided to get it~ You can never have too much cute stationary :D The designs are really cute in this memo pad too~

Cute designs yay!I like how in the second design there's a polar bear >u<
Now time for my two bigger purchases of the day: dresses!
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Karami Triple Tiered JSK
This dress is so cute and comfortable! I managed to get it by trading a Bodyline blouse that didn't quite fit me well for it, and I'm really happy about the trade~ It has a ton of shirring so it's really comfortable and easy to wear. Here are some of my photos of it~ It also came with a bow, but I completely forgot to take a photo of it! ;~;

I love the bodice~
Yeah no blouse... because hot summer day *shrug*
I definitely have too many blue dresses, but this is my first oldschool dress! I've been wanting more old school lolita items (because I think old school is super cute), so I'm happy I was able to get this one~
I also got another old school BTSSB JSK, this one for only $10!
Ribbon Scallop JSK
The above photo isn't quite the dress I have, but it's close enough~ Here's what mine looks like
Mine has lace overlapping the straps, unlike the other one

The little flower buttons are so cute <3
Once again no blouse... cause summer
I love the fit of this dress so much! After I bought it I noticed that it had no shirring of any kind so I was really worried about it not fitting- thankfully it's my exact size~ I think it looked really cute with the biscuit bag because of the scalloped edges on both~
Anyways, that's (approximately) everything I got at the swap meet!
Seriously, swap meets are the best thing ever- I never expected to get so many cute things for such reasonable prices <3
Thanks for reading!
Which item was your favorite?


  1. Wonderful haul:) kiss

    1. Thanks! I'm really happy with everything I got ^.^

  2. Replies
    1. They're simply adorable, aren't they? ^_^ I just wish they were a bit more comfortable ;u;

  3. The pink dress is sooo kawaii~! Wanna have one also <3

  4. Oh wow, the bunny shoes are super adorable! And so jealous of your biscuit bag! Cute haul :) It was a really fun meet!

    1. They're so cute, right? ^.^ Ahhh my biscuit bag is my baby I love it so much <3 It was a fantastic meet! ^_^

  5. Awesome haul! And omg bunny stuff <3

    1. Bunny stuff is awesome x3 I wish I had an entire closet of bunny themed shoes *u*

  6. A Lolita swap?? Wow so nice >w<
    Dresses are so pretty!!
    And thos shoes *^* sooooooooo cute >w<

    I'm new her, maybe we can follow each other?? :3
    My blog:

    1. Ahhh yeah everything is great <3
      I'd love to follow each other! ^.^


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