Friday, July 24, 2015

The Best and Worst Reactions to Lolita {Lolita Blog Carnival}~

Hey cutie fruity pies!
This week's lolita blog carnival topic really appealed to me- the best and worst reactions I've received while wearing lolita! I've been wearing lolita a lot more frequently, thus there's more opportunity for reaction from people who love the fashion and who are completely ignorant about it.
Let's start!

Photo of me in lolita because this would be a very boring post without photos

I thought I'd start with the worst reactions, so that we can end this post on a good note ^.^
I think I've been very lucky in not having any horrible reactions; I've heard about girls that get things thrown at them, or who are sexually assaulted. So, my experiences are not at all comparable to such awful occurrences. Nonetheless, I thought I'd share the not quite as positive reactions that I've received.

There's always the "little bo-peep you lost your sheep" idiot who thinks he's being super witty (and I say he because it's normally guys who say this). When I read online about people getting this reaction I thought no way, that's so cliche! But apparently people do that in real life. I guess Little Bo-Peep is the closest thing they can relate lolita to but come on... it's really not that witty. Once I even received this reaction when I wasn't wearing lolita! Just pastels. Silly people -.-

Another bad reaction I received was when I was waiting for a meet-up. I was standing outside a park waiting for the other girls to arrive, and some guy stops in front of me and starts looking me up and down in a way that was very uncomfortable. He then says "you look nice" and continues staring at me creepily- perhaps he meant it in a nice, polite way, but it just was said in a different way from the way people normally are like "oh you're so cute!". Thankfully he walked off quickly afterwards. I would not have wanted to meet that guy in a dark alleyway >.>
Anyways, on to the good experiences! Because those are a lot nicer to hear about~

I love it when little old ladies go up to me and are like "aww you're so cute!" Seriously little old ladies are the best in this regard. I was at an art museum for a meetup and one woman was so happy because we were wearing petticoats, because she said she wore petticoats in her youth! I guess she could relate to our struggle of wearing petticoats on relatively warm days, so it was nice that someone knew our struggle >u<

Another great experience was on the same day as the creepy guy. We were having a picnic with a relatively small number of people, and this really excited girl (maybe twelve or thirteen?) approaches us. She starts talking excitedly about how she never sees lolitas out and about, and that she loves the fashion, and she really seemed so happy! It was really sweet (and also awesome because she knew the fashion). I imagine I would have reacted in a similar way when I first learned about lolita. It's just sort of a magical fashion that you don't see that often, and when you do it's like something out of a dream.
Anyways, those are my best and worst experiences while wearing lolita. I'm thankful that in general, the positive reactions greatly outweigh the negative ones, and it feels great to be able to bring of happiness (or humor) to a few people (not to sound overly entitled).
Thanks for reading!
And be sure to check out the other posts done on this series (I'll update the list as more people post their responses).
Have you ever been treated really badly or well by strangers?


  1. I like a lot lolita D:

    PS: I’m doing two giveaways on my blog one of a box of japanese candies from JAPANCANDYBOX and other of a box of kawaii stuff a KAWAIIBOX I invited you to join it. :)


    1. I like it too ^.^
      Thanks for the giveaway invitation! <3

  2. Omg, that creepy guy sounds so... ugh. If I ever get unwanted attention like that, I always give them a death stare. No holding back - just a cold, hard "gtfo" look. Hull~ Missed your posts, Sakura! :'D
    Junniku blog

    1. Yeah that creepy guy was so bleh >.> I'm incapable of being cold to people though so I was awkwardly like 'hehe have a nice day' but without much enthusiasm.
      Ahhh you're back :D I hope you'll post more!! ^_^

  3. People are people, there's no reason to forbid you expressing what you love. I love the Lolita style yet don't have the guts to wear it, so cheers for those who brave enough to show what do they love! <3

    1. Aw thanks for the supportive comment! ^.^ Yeah, people can sometimes be very silly, but don't let it stop you from doing what you want!

  4. I love lolita style even I've never dressed in lolita ^^, but I really wanna wear lolita someday. Dont care about bad comment from others. u look so pretty and cute the way you are ^^

    1. You should wear it someday! It's such a fun and beautiful fashion <3 Aw thank you for your kind comment *hug* ^.^


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