Monday, March 27, 2017

Shopping with ZenMarket + Mini-Haul~

Hi everyone!
Today I thought I'd write about my experience using ZenMarket!
(this isn't a sponsored post, I jut wanted to share my experience for those of you who might be hesitant about using shopping services)
So let's start!

For those of you who don't know, ZenMarket is a shopping service that you can use to purchase things from online Japanese shops! Whether it's the Japanese Sanrio site (which has a much bigger selection than the American one) or Yahoo Japan Auctions, you need a shopping service because the majority of stores don't ship out of Japan. 
I was always intimidated by shopping services because the process seemed quite complex, with spreadsheets and emails and large service fees; it just seemed like a lot to handle. However with ZenMarket it was all really straight forward; you just link the item you want (and specify if you want it in a certain colour or anything like that)!

Once you've linked the item, it usually takes around a day or so for them to process the request. Once that's done, you can pay for the item, and they'll purchase it for you! Then, once the item arrives at their warehouse, you can either have it shipped to you, or you can wait for your other packages to arrive if you've ordered multiple things.
ZenMarket charges a 300 yen service fee per item, which I don't think is too bad considering other fees that I've found~
Once all of my items arrived in the warehouse, I chose my shipping option and they were shipped out really quickly! I chose the EMS shipping option, and everything arrived safely packaged in less than a week~
On the whole I had a really pleasant experience shopping with ZenMarket, and I'll definitely be using them in the future!
And now to the fun part: the things that I got!
In my previous post I mentioned that these were the things I was waiting for in the mail, so it's not much of a surprise as to what I got ;u;
What I was most excited for was...
This Little Twin Stars collaboration cardigan from Nile Perch!!
I've wanted this cardigan for so long and I'm so happy to finally have it ;u;
The details on it are just so so so perfect ^-^ 
I love the little star buttons so much~
And the tags that came on the piece were really cute too!
I don't have an outfit photo for this yet, but I'll try to take some soon ^.^ I really like the colour of this cardigan because it's pink but not too pink; I think I'll be able to coordinate it with a lot of things!

Next up is this top from Lazy Oaf!

I thought it had a really cute retro vibe to it, and I've wanted it for a little while now so I'm happy to own it ^.^
I'm having a bit of trouble thinking of what to coordinate it though to be honest ;u; Today I'm just wearing it with a pair of taupe jeans cause I couldn't think of anything else OTL
I do still like it a lot though~

And the last item that I got was this choker from RoseMarie Seoir!
This was another piece that I've wanted for a while. I really like RoseMarie Seoir's designs, but they're quite expensive unfortunately ^^" I was able to get this for a good price though so I'm happy about that~
The seller also packaged it in a really cute bag~

On the whole, I was very happy with my shopping experience! I finally have a way to get things from Japanese shops that's not too much of a headache ^.^
I hope you found this post useful! Or that you at least enjoyed seeing the few things that I got~
Thank you for reading!


  1. Wahh thanks for letting me know about this site! I've been wanting to buy a few things online for a while now but i didn't want to go through customs so i left it haha~ This seems like the most simple and effective way to order things so i'll try it out! <3

    I love the little choker you got, it's so adorable, i might get one in black and pink!

    minae |

    1. Ahh I'm glad I could help! If you end up using them, I'm looking forward to see what you got ^_^
      And it would look really cute on you in both colours!


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