Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Things I'm Waiting For In The Mail~

hi hi~
Today I just thought I'd so a casual post, because I do want to write more on here~
So I thought I'd just share some cute things that I'm waiting for in the mail because I'm really excited~

I've been looking around a lot on the Japanese secondhand site Fril (it's essentially like Depop or Mercari), and I was able two find two items that I've wanted for a while now!

Lazy Oaf No Chance Romance Top

RoseMarie Seoir 'eat me' Necklace in Pink

I've really liked the Lazy Oaf top since it was first released (however I couldn't justify spending around $60 on it). I found it brand new on Fril though for a much more reasonable price so I decided to go for it~ I love the style of it!
I've also always loved the designs of RoseMarie Seoir, but they're an incredibly expensive brand unfortunately ;^; I fell in love with this choker when it came out, but it sold out really quickly. I found it in my desired colorway though, and for half the price of it new, so I happily got it!

Another item that I've honestly wanted for years is this Nile Perch Little Twin Stars Watermark Cardigan in pink!
For those of you that don't know Nile Perch, there's a popular Fairy Kei brand from Harajuku. Their clothing is handmade which I think is incredible, and all their designs are so pretty! I don't know if I've mentioned on here before, but I'm obsessed with Little Twin Stars, so this Kiki & Lala patterned cardigan is my dream piece ;^; I love how the star buttons are different colors!
Here's a photo of it coordinated~

*long rant about this piece incoming*
So I saw this cardigan on Tumblr (where else heh) for the first time a couple of years ago and fell in complete love. But then of course I forgot about it. A considerable amount of time later I found it again (on tumblr), this time with the shop name actually tagged! Excited, I went to their site, only to see the high prices. I figured I'd wait a bit, save up some money. So that's what I did. A few months later, with money ready, I went to their site again. But, tragedy had stricken. They no longer sold it. I was really sad and looked for it everywhere; but alas, could find almost no places that sold this brand second hand (this was before my discovery of these Japanese second hand sites, but that's another story). A few months after that, I was browsing the Japanese Sanrio site, and THEY HAD IT! I was incredibly elated, and it turned out they had restocked it on their own website as well! 

So finally I bought it, and now I'm impatiently waiting for my dream cardigan to arrive 

Those were the three main items that I'm waiting for right now. I used the same shopping service for all of them, so they'll arrive at the same time, and it'll be a very happy happy day once I get it~

I also made an order from the Japanese Amazon site, because they have much more reasonable prices for some of the things that I love~

Lululun Sheet Masks
Supposedly these are super popular in Japan, and I see them often in Japanese fashion magazines as well~

Yuzu Warming Eye Masks
I've tried these masks before in both the lavender and the rose scents, and they're quite nice! They're really nice before going to bed; I sometimes get really stressed at night so having something warm on my eyes helps with that. They don't stay warm for too long which is a shame, but I think they're a nice self-care item regardless~

Sakura Bath Salts
This company makes really nice bath salts, and they were almost five times cheaper on the Japanese Amazon than they were in stores when I've seen them ;u;  I haven't tried this scent before, but I think it will be quite nice!

Camellia Hair Water

My hair is quite damaged, and I've read nice things about this hair water, so I hope it'll help! Tsubaki/Camellia oil is supposed to be really good for your hair, it's used often in Japanese shampoos and conditioners~

Kitty Strawberry Mug

I can't resist cute mugs, and I fell in love with this adorable one~ I just find it so much nicer to start the day by drinking coffee from a cute mug instead of a boring one hehe

So, that's everything I'm waiting for right now!
And I can't wait ^.^ 
I always get so happy when I get mail~
Thanks for reading! Bye bye~
Are you waiting for anything nice in the mail right now?

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