Sunday, March 12, 2017

♡ My Fashion Journey ♡

Hi everyone!
I'm on vacation right now and thought I'd so a bit of a chatty post~
I really enjoy seeing people's style evolutions- it's so interesting seeing how their fashion changed over time, especially if it was something quite drastic! 
So, I thought I would do a similar thing~ There aren't many years between all of these photos, but I still think that my tastes in clothing have changed quite a bit, so I decided it would be fun to share~ 
So, let's begin!

Before starting highschool my style was quite bland; I sort of just wore what everyone else was wearing in an attempt to fit in and be popular (though I never was orz)
These are from eighth grade; I wore just a lot of tank tops and skinny jeans.

It was all quite uninspired ;^; I don't dress like this at all anymore, thank goodness (although I mean no offense to you if you dress like this! It just wasn't my style, and I don't think it suit me that well...)

When I entered highschool my style didn't change that much. I shopped from places like Urban Outfitters and TJ Maxx; on the whole though I wasn't that inspired to ever dress up. I don't really have many photos from this time (mostly because I deleted a lot of old blog posts, and that's where I'm getting these photos from >.>)
But, I did dye my hair red for the first time! I really wanted cherry red hair for the longest time, so finally getting the chance to dye it made me so happy~

(my friend and I had a hobby of taking dramatic looking photos and editing the heck out of them, so there are a lot of silly looking photos like this ;u;)

In my second year of high school I still wasn't really into interesting fashions, but my style was evolving a bit! I still mostly just wore mainstream clothes, and I don't have many photos of that ;^;
I did have these cute bunny tights though, which I wore all the time x3

I went to my first anime convention this year, and got really into circle lenses!
I had a somewhat inaccurate cosplay of Lucy/Nyuu from Elfen Lied, but I was quite proud at the time ;u;

I think this sort of kickstarted my interesting Japanese culture/fahion~ I wore circle lenses a lot (although for some reason I wore them with very little eye makeup, which I think looks a bit weird)

I started reading a lot of jfashion blogs and took a bit of inspiration from there in wearing cutesy things
(I never actually wore this out because I was too nervous, but I did enjoy playing around with wigs and makeup!)

In my third (and final) year of highschool I finally made my first purchase of lolita clothing! Granted, it was Bodyline, and I didn't know much about making coordinates, but I was still super happy with it all! I had actually been fascinated with lolita clothing for years, but I had no idea how to purchase it/how to wear it, so I never bothered trying ;^; 
My coordinates weren't great (and honestly I can barely consider them lolita because of how much is wrong with them) but I was very happy in it all!
 This skirt from Bodyline was my favorite thing ever- I felt so cool and Victorian in it ;u; 
I also finally branched out and tried other styles! I wore petticoats to school and tried the whole general jfashion thing~

I became much more interested in anime and Japanese culture in general, so I had a lot of inspiration for outfits! 
I got my first proper lolita dress and felt so happy in it~
(This coordinate was awful btw but I really didn't have anything to wear it with ;u;)
I also branched out into mori girl inspired coordinates; I don't think I was ever able to completely capture the aesthetic of the fashion, but I did try! 
(featuring another Bodyline skirt, which I wore really often)

I wore lolita to my junior prom and felt like the most princessy girl there~ 

I also went to my first lolita meetup! It was such a happy day for me because it allowed me to finally connect with other people who shared the same interests as me, and it made me so happy seeing more of the beautiful dresses and coordinates.
This was probably my first somewhat decent coordinate; I finally had enough pieces in my wardrobe to wear proper(?) lolita, and not some pseudo lolita-inspired thing.
(derpy looking so I'm sorry; I just couldn't stop smiling that day)

Some more lolita outfits from an anime convention that I went to because honestly it was my favorite thing ever ;u;

I admit, my lolita coordinates were never fantastic, but wearing lolita brought my confidence up immensely. I've been incredibly self-conscious my whole life, but wearing this extravagant fashion allowed me to be more confident in myself. I no longer went to school dressed like everyone else in the hope that I would blend in better; I was wearing what I wanted because it was what I enjoyed

So, that moves me into my first year of college! It was more of just sort of the same thing honestly; lolita, cutesy stuff, mori girl things, etc.

This was an OTT sheep look that I wore on Halloween- I was quite proud of it at the time!
I dyed my hair several times this year, and really enjoyed doing that!

I don't really have many outfit photos from here because I lived on campus, and as such wasn't really able to take many photos due to cramped living quarters OTL. 
I slowly phased out of wearing lolita though, because it was a very high-maintenance fashion and I sort of lost my motivation for it. 

So, moving into my second (and current!) year of college!
I still wear a lot of Jfashion, but it's mostly casual gyaru and larme~ I really like both of these fashions; they're cute and girly but without being over the top, so they're quite easy to wear to school!

I'm also really into vintage clothing; I think dresses from the 1940s/50s are so beautiful, and I'm trying to expand my collection of them~
And of course, I still like playing with wigs ^-^

I want to try to post outfit photos more, because I feel like my style has sort of stabilized in place that I'm really happy with. Jfashion has become a huge part of my identity; and I would feel quite incomplete if I weren't able to dress the way that I do.

I hope you enjoyed this long chatty post! Thank you so much for reading~
Bye bye!


  1. What a lovely "transformation post". It's so fun to see how you've changed your style and I think the vintage look suits you perfectly. Mori girl? Mhh it's the first time I've been reading about it, I shoud do some researches. By the way, I like your cherry red hair!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it~ I really like vintage dresses, I definitely want to build up a bigger collection of them! And I recommend you look into mori girl, it's such a pretty fashion~ And thank you!


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