Monday, April 24, 2017

Some Recent Crafting~

Hi everybunny!
Lately I've been doing a lot of crafting, mostly for my Etsy store! 
I haven't felt super inspired lately to be honest, so this small burst of creativity has been quite nice ^^
So, I thought I'd share some of the little things that I've made, in case you're interested in seein

Bunny Earrings

I really like how these turned out, I thought they had a very Larme-kei look to them~

Cotton Candy Earrings

Bunny Choker
To be quite honest, I just got addicted to making pompoms (out of felting wool!), so I was inspired to make a lot of cute things out of them ^^"

Sailor Moon Transformation Brooch Choker
I really like how this turned out! I watched the most recent Sailor Moon series about a year ago and fell in love; I finally got around to making something inspired by it~

Strawberry Ribbon Kitten Choker
The design of this choker is really simple, but I thought it would make a cute subtle addition to an outfit~

Marshmallow Kitten Choker
I'll admit, I really like naming items in my store after sweets >///< Cause sweets are yummy, and who wouldn't want to wear something inspired by sweets?~

Pale Pink Satin Loungewear Set
I was really inspired by Nile Perch designs to make this loungewear set c: I've made several before, but this pink one was my first! I originally made it for myself, but then ended up never wearing it ;^;

Floral Cotton Bloomers
These were just a really simple pair of bloomers, but I like how they turned out, in particular how the green bows compliments the tiny hints of green in the pattern!

Anyway, I hope you liked seeing some of my most recent projects~
Thank you for reading!


  1. Girl I had no idea you had your own store :o
    I'll definitely buy from your store when I get paid! <3

    minae |


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