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Etude House Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion Review~ {Magic Pink}

Hey darlings!
In my most recent Jolse haul {here}, I purchased mostly face makeup because I was in dire need of new products. This Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion by Etude House was a product that has been on my 'to-buy' list for a while, and because I had tried a somewhat similar product from them before {the Baby Choux base in Berry} and I had liked it a lot, I decided to get this. I've been meaning to buy a base for a while, but it's just never been one of my priorities. However I finally got around to buying it, and I don't regret it at all~
Yayy pretty box!
As many of you know, recently the whole concept of a cushion-type face product has become really popular. I believe that the original one came from Laneige or Iope (one of those more expensive companies; correct me if I'm wrong though~). Pretty soon other companies like Etude House and TONYMOLY picked up the concept, and there were a ton of cushions out there~ This one is a bit different though, since it's not a traditional BB cream color~ There are 3 different color options: Magic Pink, Magic Mint, and Magic Peach. If the color system is the same as for the Baby Choux Base, then:
Pink is for pale skin
Mint is for skin that has a lot of redness
Peach is for darker skin tones
I got the pink, because my face is pretty pale~

According to Jolse's website, there are a few features of this BB cream:
1. Transparent & white skin to wherever & whoever.
This is a new concept multi color cushion which makes your skin tone clear & whiter like a magic when patting your skin.
It means that this item supplements the skin flaws various skin tone might have
2. No stickiness ! moist & sleek skin It prevents the moisture on your skin from getting out of your skin by using Moisture Lock formula .
So it keeps your skin moist & soft for a long time.
3. Natural & healthy skin Pearl Mineral Powder & Albutine which has the whitening function are contained in it.
So It helps to make your skin clean & clear.
Plus Adenosine which helps to improve the wrinkle makes your skin elastic & healthy.

Lots of nice things ^_^ Improves skin elasticity, hydration, and whitens! I mostly wanted it for the whitening and concealing aspects though; and this definitely lived up to my expectations.

English side of the box~
In case the writing isn't too visible, here's what it says:
The Magic Cushion Pact makes skin transparent and bright with a lovely magic base color that covers imperfections of any skin type.
A different description from the one on the Jolse site, but basically the same concept c: Also, the cushion has SPF 34 and PA++, so that's good~ Especially if you use a BB cream with SPF protection (most of them have it), then you should be all set in terms of sun protection~
On to the review!
The packaging!
I think the actual pact is really adorable; it's very well made and looks really pretty. It's also cute and chubby, and sorta looks like a French macaron :3
The pact opened up~
You can sorta see the chubbiness in the above photo :3 The compact has a nicely sized mirror, so if you want to reapply at some point during the day, you don't need to bring your own separate mirror. It also has a cute puff~
I think that the other Etude House cushions (the regular ones) have a dark blue puff; I prefer this one though~ Cause I like pink :3
Separating the puff and the product is a plastic lid, which easily lifts up~ I like that it's attached to the actual container (in some other cases I've had powder pacts that had a protective cover on them, but it wasn't attached, so I either forgot to put it back on or I lost it >_>). It tightly covers the product, so you don't have to worry about it drying out.
When the product is unopened, there's a sticker-type-thing covering the actual cushion, so that it doesn't dry out. {Does anyone know what the writing on it says? Just curious~}
The surface! (I don't know why it looks so orange >_>)
The actual cushion is pretty thick, so there's a lot of product loaded onto it (15 g). It's a relatively peachy-pink, but definitely not as orange as the photograph. I dunno why it turned out so weirdly .-. 
I was worried about possibly running out of it really quickly, but it does seem really saturated so I'm sure it'll last for a while. Etude House also sells refills of it, so you don't have to buy an entirely new pact whenever you run out.
The scent isn't too strong, sort of a powdery flower smell. It fades after a couple minutes once you've applied it though.

Now, how it looks on my skin~
Before application...
Close up
Pardon my makeup-less face >_>
And after application!
Close up~
Full face ^_^
Here's a comparison~ The left side is without application, the right side is with.
I think the difference is pretty visible ^_^
The consistency is really light, so you can apply a thin layer very easily (the puff also makes it really easy to apply). It covers minor imperfections, as you can see in the differences of the closeups. In addition to that, it has an overall brightening effect that I really like.

All in all, I'm really happy with this product and its results. I think it works great as a base, and all promised benefits are true~ If you're looking for a nice base, I suggest this ^_^
Also, if you're curious, here's what it looks like under makeup:
Sorry for derp face; I was taking a photo for my SAT application thingy.
I hope you found this review helpful <3 Thanks for reading!
~Sakura xo

Have you tried this product before?
What did you think of it?


  1. Oh, this product seems nice! :) Thanks for the review!
    I followed btw. ~
    ♡ ♡

    1. I'm glad you liked the review ^.^
      And thank you ^_^ <3
      I'll check out your blog as well :3

  2. I really liked this cushion but I ran out of it for only 4 months. It usually takes a year to finish a face makeup product. I will surely repurchase it when I am a bit less broke than now. xD

    1. Aw that's a shame that it ran out so quickly >n< It is a nice product though ^_^

  3. I tried this cushion too just in the green version! I must totally agree with your review! I really LOVE the brightening effect it gives too >.< It's such a shame that it doesn't work nicely alone and only as base though :( Oh and the sticker-type-thingy on the actual cushion says:
    1. 부착된 필름을 제거한 후 사용하십시요 (Please remove film after usage)
    2. 사용 후 반드시 용기의 뚜껑을 완전히 닫아 두시기 바랍니다 (Please close the lid of the cushion completely after usage)
    Thanks for this review ♥♥ And have a nice blogger day ~~^^

    Mindy ♥

    1. It's a great product, isn't it? ^_^ The brightening effect is awesome~ And yeah, it sorta needs something over it :/ Maybe just a concealer and powder though~ For a lighter sort of look.
      Thanks for the translation! ^.^ I thought it meant something along the lines of the sticker removal but it's nice to know the exact translation :3
      I'm glad you liked the review ^.^ I hope you have a nice blogger day as well <3

  4. It does seem to work well as a base, great review as always!

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

    1. It is really good as a base! ^_^ And thank you :3

  5. Great review, i just hope its available in our country.

    Visit my blog:

    1. Thank you ^_^ I hope it's availible as well~ It's a great product c:

  6. ohh i'm fan of etude house! And ur skin looks really better with this product! but u are really cute!!!
    Thanks for sharing~

    New Review ♥
    My blog ♥
    ~Follow back, just say me ^^~

    1. I love etude house as well <3 And there indeed was an improvement! And thanks! >u<
      I'm glad you liked the review ^_^


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