Sunday, September 28, 2014

Born Pretty Store Wishlist~ {and Coupon!}

Hey everyone <3
Just a simple post today, I have a store introduction and a wishlist ^_^ Everything is from the online store "Born Pretty"~
Store link! {Click here!}

A quick description of their store~
Born Pretty sells a lot of really cute things, such as hair accessories, clothes, stationary, jewelry, makeup, and other many lovely things ^_^ The prices are really cheap (like, very cheap), and they have free shipping! Always a nice thing since I hate paying a lot of money for shipping >n< They have many cute things, so I decided to compile a wishlist ^.^
Star ring {$1.99}! {link}
I really like astrological things, and so I think that this ring is super cute :3 Plus it's quite cheap for something so cute :3

Bear ring {$0.99}! {link}
I'm pretty sure I've seen this ring in many places; it's just so cute *u* I love rings; they're easily my most used type of accessory.

Snake ear cuff {$2.20}! {link}
I really like cool accessories like this~ My friend has a really awesome dragon ear-cuff, but it's super expensive ;n; So I saw this and thought that it was super cool, and definitely more reasonable priced ^_^ It's like the snake is whispering in your ear... :3

Fancy Crown Necklace {$2.99}! {link}
I like how fancy this looks~ I think it'd be a cute way to make any outfit seem more posh *throws sparkles*
Hair Stuff

Bunny Ear Scrunchies {$1.85}! {link}
I think these are really cute :3 I've seen these kinds of hair ties around and I always think that they're so adorable x3 They're like little bunny ears sticking up ^.^ Polka-dotted bunny ears- even better! :D The mint green one is super cute, but sadly it's out of stock ;n;

Strawberry Hair Curlers {$4.08}! {link}
I've seen these strawberry hair curlers everywhere, but they're just so cute ;3; I'm not sure how effective they'd be at curling my hair, but they're just way too cute x3

Leaf hair clips {$1.93}! {link}
First off, that photo is so ethereal and beautiful <3 The leaves are super cute >u< I think they'd make one look like some sort of forest sprite~
Other Stuff :3

Ribbon Knee Highs {$7.44}! {link}
Ahhh I feel like I can never have enough knee highs~ I like socks :3 And I think these are really cute ^.^ They'd probably be more versatile in darker colors, but I really like how the dark red looks c:

Cute Animal Notebooks {$2.36}! {link}
I really love cute stationary >u< These aren't that practical for actual note-taking I think, however for just jotting stuff down {shopping lists, stuff like that}, I think it'd be pretty good :3
That just about concludes the wishlist ^.^ Did you guys see anything ya liked?~ 
Born Pretty has a lot of really cute other things, so you should go check it all out :3 
For a 10% discount, use the code...


I hope you guys find it useful ^.^
Thanks for reading!
~Sakura <3

Which of the items is your favorite?
Have you ever ordered from Born Pretty before?


  1. Very cute shop ^^ I love them ^^

    恵美より ♥

    1. They're really cute ^.^ I hope to order something form them soon :3

  2. The scrunchies are so cute! ! ! Do they stay standing up? :)

    1. They are really cute! >u< And yes, they seem to be the type that have wire inside so they stand up c:


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