Thursday, September 25, 2014

TONYMOLY Cat's Wink Clear Pact Review~ {and 100th post!}

Hey lovelies~
First off, this is my 100th post! Hooray! ^_^
Today I have a review for you guys of a pressed powder that I recently bought in a Jolse haul :3 {haul!} The packaging was super adorable, so I just had to get it >u<
It's TONYMOLY's Cat's Wink Clear Pact!
First off, isn't this package just absolutely ADORABLE??? When I took it out of the box I couldn't stop smiling x3 Unfortunately when you take off the outer packaging it doesn't have as many details, but nonetheless, it's still super cute :3
No paws or stripes ;n; But at least it has whiskers, eyes, and a nose~
The packaging is really sturdy (and super cute), so I think it's perfect~  It also comes with a puff and a mirror c:
And the ribbon says cat's wink~
The mirror is a nice size, which is good, since it means that you can actually see a large portion of your face when applying the makeup :3 The puff is also super soft~ It makes the application of the product really pleasant. 
Separating the puff from the actual powder is a thin plastic sheet. I wish that it was something sturdier, but oh well~ At least the two are separated c: The powder came embossed with a cute cat's paw :3 Unfortunately it rubbed off really quickly, but that was expected, however it was still a nice detail ^_^
Pretty ^.^


Now instead of blabbering about how cute the packaging is, I'll get to an actual review of the product itself c:

First off, I really like the texture of this powder. It's like those super fancy HD powders that blur out all of your imperfections and leave no trace of themselves. It's not really noticeable on bare skin, more so when you wear it on top of some other makeup. Normally when I use powders, they leave a sort of powdery finish to my skin which I really dislike. This however, manages to just mattify my skin without making it seem like I'm wearing powder on top~

There's a very slight scent to the powder, but it's really only noticeable if you put your nose a centimeter away from the powder and sniff it. It's a pleasant, gentle floral smell, but even if you're sensitive to smells, it shouldn't bother you much. It isn't noticeable at all when you wear it, which is good~

As a powder, this works really nicely. It keeps my face from getting oily throughout the day, and it stays on all day~ It has very minimal coverage though, which is good I suppose since it keeps the makeup from looking cakey. 

And now, photos!

Before (and sorry that I look so sleepy- I took these photos in the morning):

Parton makeup-less skin ;A; Big pores *cry*

Half-and half:
There's sort of a difference :3
On the right side I'm wearing the powder, on the left, I'm not. I think that there's a visible difference c: No shine, at least~
Completely applied:


So yeah! That about sums it up ^.^ 
I really like this powder, and I highly recommend it :3 
I hope you guys found this review helpful! ^_^
See ya next time~
~Sakura <3

Have you ever tried this pact before? Did you like it?


  1. Replies
    1. The packaging is really adorable indeed >u<

  2. This seems like a great powder! *u* I've been thinking about getting this for awhile and now I'm even more tempted to buy it! Thank you for sharing this! ^^
    ~Kiyomi <3

    1. It indeed is an awesome powder ^.^ You should get it! I'm glad you found the review helpful ^_^


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