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Hey dolls <3
As many of you know I've been trying to get more into Lolita fashion, and so I decided to order my first dress and petticoat :3 They were both from Taobao brands- Classical Puppets and Magic Tea Party. Since I've had a bad experience ordering directly from Taobao in the past (my package never came :c), I decided to use a shopping service. There are lots of various shopping services out there that tailor to Taobao lolita brands; Qutieland, Clobba online, and several others I'm sure. I remember stumbling onto this website a while ago, but concerned about the legitimacy of it, I decided to not return. 
I then found a dress which I loved on Qutieland, but with shipping it was really quite expensive  >n< I then remembered about my-lolita-dress, and so I visited, hopeful that they had the dress I wanted. They did, and at a cheaper price! I looked more into the website and saw that no one had had any negative experiences with the website, so I decided to order it c: Since there are few written reviews on the site, I thought I'd  make one c:

First some info about the site (as much as I know about it, that is). They carry lots of Taobao brands, such as Infanta, Classical Puppets, Magic Tea Party, and An*tai*na (they do however have some brand-less clothing items, which I personally would be hesitant to buy because I don't know of the approximate quality). It's run by a girl (maybe 2?) and she is quite friendly ^_^ I emailed her a couple of weeks before ordering because I was curious about one of the products and she promptly replied and was very friendly, which was quite nice~ The site is nicely organized (though the recently changed the layout, so there are a few glitchy areas). 

I ordered two things, a dress from Magic Tea Party, as well as an A-line petticoat from Classical Puppets.
I also did an unboxing video, if that interests you~

I'll start with the dress though :3

Photo from
1st, their dress naming is bad- Double Tone Applique Flowers Meetup Lolita Jumper Skirt {link} The bizarre name however, doesn't take away from the awesomeness of the dress <3
Majestic cat hanger is quite fantastic.  
I love all of the details on it~ There's corset lacing on the back, as well as tons of pretty details everywhere else on the dress.
Lacing~ (I may replace the ribbon at some point- it's not the best quality.)
The leaves on the bows are shaped a bit oddly... my boyfriend asked if they were bunnies >u<
Ruffles on the bottom~
The print is also gorgeous <3
I love that it has a vintagey feel to it~
The fabric is really nice and soft- it's very good quality and not at all stiff as I feared it might be. The fabric of the bows, waist ties, and headbow is stiffer (but that makes sense- since they need to hold their shapes). The bows are quite pretty ^_^ They have pins on the back so you can move them around to wherever you want to- I like keeping them at the bottom of the straps though c:
Like this~
Here's a closeup~ The fabric is a bit more like linen or something like that
The waist ties are detachable, and the buttons on which they attach are pretty and have a rose on them c: The ties also have a ruffle at the bottom of them. I don't wear the waist ties though, mostly because I don't know how to tie it so that it looks nice >_> Do you guys have any tips on tying pretty bows?
Pretty :3 It also came with a spare~
Long waist ties~ There are ruffles on the bottom, but It was hard to get them in the shot :P
The Magic Tea Party tag is also quite pretty :3
It's really fancy I don't want to throw it out *u*
They also have the dress in grey, but I preferred it in white~
The grey is cute too~
I also purchased the bow~ It's a bit too big for me to wear on a daily basis, so I will wear it when I go to Anime Boston in April :3
My dress came with the bottom one~
I like how the bows come with a bow on them :3 It's also quite comfy- it doesn't squish my head at all.
Me looking derpy while wearing it :3
Petticoat time :3
It's Classical Puppet's A-Line Petticoat 1 {link}
Stock photo~
They have it in a ton of colors (even one called "ice cream"- it's light pink and light yellow :3). Since most classic dresses are a-line, I decided to get an a-line petti, though I only later realized that the dress I ordered was bell shaped >_> Oh well, it still looks good under it :3
I'll do a separate review of the petticoat at a later time, since I want to show the effectiveness of it and otherwise this post would be way too long. Here's a photo of me wearing it though~
Sorry the photo is bad- shoddy indoor lighting and phone camera.
And of course, a couple of photos of me wearing everything!~
I had just tried everything on so pardon the lack of a good outfit x3
I also tried it on a few days later but the petticoat was badly adjusted in this photo >_>
Fancy shoes though :3
So yes, I hope that you found this (very long) review helpful ^.^ I highly recommend the site, and I will be ordering from them in the future most definitely.
Thanks for reading!
Have you used a Taobao shopping service before?


  1. I love this review! Lolita fashion is so nice and you look so nice in that style ;A; Thank you for sharing this ^^
    ~Kiyomi <3

    1. I'm glad you like it! ^.^ And thank you! >u<

  2. I really do like this dress on you, super pretty! I love the matching bows *^*

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

    1. Thank you! <3 >u< And yes haha the bows are one of my favorite parts <3

  3. Aww the print details of your dress is so cute <3

    Visit my blog:

  4. Such a cute dress ^^ I love it, you look amazing!!
    The details appear so beautiful :3

    恵美より ♥

    1. It is ^.^ And thank you! <3
      The details are really quite fantastic~


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