Friday, October 3, 2014

Bye-bye Bed Head, Hello Curly Hair!

Hi guys ^.^ Today I'll be showing you how to combat bed-head, as well as save time in the morning ^.^ I love having curly hair so I always curl it, but it takes a long time in the morning. I've discovered a way to curl it however which frees up time in the morning (for sleep, breakfast, stuff like that), and in addition to that, to get rid of the very problematic bed head c: This should work on hair of most lengths ^_^

It's a collaboration with Casper, which is an innovative new mattress company c: The beds are made of latex and memory foam, which gives a "cloud-like" sleeping experience c: It's cooler, softer, and overall more pleasant. However no matter how good a bed is, it can result in bed head, unfortunately. So they asked a few bloggers to create posts about how they combat bed head~ Click here to check out their site!

Anyways, on to the actual tutorial :3

Pardon my extreme  tiredness.
Step #1!
Start with slightly damp, freshly washed, brushed hair. I like putting a curling product in my hair, as well a moisturizing oil (argan, macadamia, whichever you like~ or none at all!). Your hair shouldn't be too wet; otherwise it most likely won't be dry by the time you wake, and thus, the hair will just straighten out. 

Step #2!
Put your hair up in two high ponytails. Be sure it's brushed out very well, otherwise there could be weird lumps in the hair once it dries. I didn't put my fringe or my side-cuts (I have no idea what to call them) into the ponytails cause I like it when they're straight and the rest of my hair is curly c:

Step #3!
Start twisting! This is what'll make the waves. I like twisting in the direction of my face, but you could twist the other way if you want curls/waves that fly away from your face c: I'm not sure if there'll actually be a huge difference (probably no), but since I haven't tried twisting the other way, I can't say for sure~

Step #4!
As you twist, your hair should coil in on itself. Let it do so, and control the twisting to go around the root. It should end up in a bun shape like this c:

Step #5!
Secure the buns with a hair tie, or bobby pins if you prefer. I like hair ties more though, since it secures it more tightly.
Step #6!
Sleep~ ^_^
Step #7!
Good morning ^_^  The hair should be more or less dry, so you can take out the hair ties and gently shake out the waves. It should look something like this!

Once again, sorry I look so tired. It was right before school -n-
So yes, so long as you have about five minutes the night before, you can easily avoid having to deal with messy hair in the morning ^_^ You really don't have to do much in the morning about it c:
I hope you guys liked this tutorial and found it useful! Let me know if you try it out and tell me how it turns out ^_^
Thanks for reading!
What do you do to combat bed head?


  1. I use to do this too!

    New outfit post up: -Swedish model and Fashion blogger in Tokyo

  2. Very cute tutorial to get natural curls without heat ^^

    恵美より ♥


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