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Dresslink Review~

Hello ^.^
Today I have a review of a clothing website which I recently discovered- Dresslink! They're a (China based?) online store which sells a lot of really cheap clothing and accessories. Seriously- ridiculously cheap. However the shipping costs just about as much as the item itself, so it evens out, more or less.

Now, before I begin the review, a bit of basic info:
I ordered everything the 1st of October
Everything arrived the 20th of October
(Cheapest shipping option said it would arrive in 10-25 days, it came in 19)

The package was relatively small; but everything fit in nicely. (Sorry for the bad lighting in these next few photos- I took them in the evening so I had to use yellowish indoor lighting).
Flipped over so you can't see the address~
Everything was individually wrapped as well c: I like this since it makes it feel more legitimate x3 The socks have a tag on them- did they come from some other website? .-. I have no idea.
Everything ^.^ (My color palette is very boring.)
(Hehe there's not very much to say about that). Anyways, lets start!

I'll begin with (what I think was) the most interesting item~
This really cute bunny hoodie!
Buy it here!
This was only $5.83, and it came in the four colors that you see above. Unfortunately... the photo is inaccurate. The design is based off of that, yes, but looking at the material and the overall look, I think that they took the above photo from some other, more expensive place. They did include another photo though (which I did see, but I just thought that it was unfortunate photography. I was wrong.)
Sweater isn't as cute, and girl isn't as cute ;n;
The actual product was a bit underwhelming. It wasn't as fuzzy as the stock photo looked- in reality it was more like a fluffy fleece material (which is okayish quality). The ears also aren't as puffy and big, and the pom poms are a bit deformed. I'll include photos of them later. It also smelled.... weird. I can't quite describe it, but it wasn't a very pleasant smell. Sort of like it had been lying around in a warehouse for months. I need to wash it -.-
But anyways, to talk about the positives! Cause this really isn't an awful product.
It's quite warm! I wore this today (it was fairly chilly) without a jacket over it, and I was warm and cozy ^.^ I'm wearing it now and it's super comfortable c:
It also looks quite cute when worn~ And the (underwhelming) ears are a cute accent c: They aren't as adorable when worn as a hood (and the hood is smallish), but when wearing it down it looks very cute.
Like this ^.^ But see how small they are? ;n;
It's quite long too :o (which I expected, since in the stock photo, it covered the model's butt)
Fluffy ^.^
The hood when worn also doesn't look too bad.

So even though the construction isn't the best, and it was a bit underwhelming, I think that it's a decent reflection for the price. Six dollars for a cute hoodie is a reasonable price- just be careful of what you're buying before you buy it ^.^
Buy it here!
As I was browsing, I saw this really cute pair of leggings that had lace on them~ They were only $3.14, so I figured eh, why not. They're cute, and leggings are always useful for lazy days ^.^ They came in black, and also in grey, but I thought the black would be more versatile. 
They're cute, and they fit well but.... they're way way way too short >n<
Sadness :c
Okay, so not way way way too short, but they're like capris. I'm not even that tall- I'm around 5' 3" (160 cm). So.... unless you have short legs, or are short, I don't suggest these x3 I'll wear them with boots and socks, and I would wear them with knee highs, but then the design would be covered up ;A; Ah, so many problems. Speaking of the design however, it's quite pretty ^_^
Surprisingly intricate!
These leggings are quite pretty.... but I really do wish they were a bit longer -.-
Buy it here!
This skirt was the reason why I wanted to order something from the site. They're circle skirts (which I've wanted for forever), cute, and only $3.07! I've seen similar skirts at Urban Outfitters for $40, so I eagerly purchased one. I got it in the color "Natural Pink", which is the skirt in the middle of the top row in the photo above .They have a wide selection of colors, so you can have a very versatile skirt collection for very cheap c:
I'm quite happy with this skirt, especially considering the price.
Pretty ^.^ (Also, this is an accurate portrayal of the color)
I was sort of expecting a more dusty pink color, however this light salmon pink one is also quite nice and versatile ^.^ The skirt is really comfy, and it stretches to accommodate a wide range of waist sizes c: It's short, but not too short, which is good. I was worried that it would be very short.
The only strange thing about it is the material. It's super stretch, and it has a sort of weird texture to it.... I can't describe it. Like some sort of active wear. I took a photo and realized it looked like pink ramen.
Lots of pink ramen.
So that's strange, but overall it's not a bad skirt and I'd consider buying it in some other colors too. Maybe the red, wine red, and dark blue. Those are fairly cute c:
Buy them here!
The cheapest and most boring of my haul are these black over the knee socks that cost $2.11~ They had a variety of colors, but not a very interesting variety, so I settled on a black pair since that's quite useful. The material is a bit odd- it feels very much like some sort of polyester, but they stay up which is good c: I have several pairs that always manage to slip down my legs which is annoying -.- These stayed in place the entire day though which is good ^_^ They look cute too c:
I love knee highs <3

I thought it would be only fair to show you guys some of the manufacturing defects on some of the products I received. They aren't really major problems, but still, just stuff to keep in mind if you order from them.
On the leggings
This isn't a huge problem, but it just bothers me how they didn't even cut off the strings that hung off from the leggings from sewing on the lace. Like how much effort would it have taken? -.- Just snip snip and you're done! Oh well, I can easily fix it, I just don't like messiness x3
On the hoodie
There was a thing like this on the skirt too- just a random protrusion of thread or whatever it is .-. Also easily cut off.
Sad excuse of a tail.
I forgot to mention that the tail of the hoodie had a pin on it so you could remove it when you wanted to, but I might sew it on at some point. Because like this it really looks pathetic xD It's just so elliptical ;n; It doesn't even look like a tail x3 

Anyways, these defects aren't a huge problem, but they do detract somewhat from how much I like the products.

Overall, I think Dresslink is a great place to buy basics. Things like the skirt and the socks were great for the prices they were at, but I personally wouldn't buy anything too elaborate from the site or something that costs more than $5. 
I could be wrong however- maybe I just got some bad items?

Anyways, here's a picture of me wearing the hoodie and the skirt c: (I thought they were cute together)
Random blue blouse.
Anyways, I hope you found this review helpful. Thanks for reading!
~ Sakura <3

Have you ever ordered from Dresslink before?
What was your experience like?


  1. That skirt is very cute, despite the inaccurate color! But, yeah, Dresslink isn't known for having products of amazing quality. The price is decent, but it's your call if you want to order or not. Still, I think it was a good, specific review. :DDD

    1. It is quite cute ^.^ I'm happy the color wasn't totally unflattering. Yeah the quality isn't the best :P But I think that considering how much it costs, it's not too bad. Especially if you're buying really basic items (like socks), that people won't really see. I'm glad you liked the review ^_^

  2. Great review! I've never ordered from DressLink before, but I agree with you - they look like they are good for basics! My favorite item you got is the pink skirt :3 I think the light salmon color is beautiful~ c:
    ~Kiyomi <3

    1. Thanks Kiyomi! <3 I recommend them but I don't suggest expensive pieces, if you do end up ordering x3 I love the skirt as well <3

  3. Everything is delightful, especially the rabbit long hoodie! So so so cuteeee!!

    恵美より ♥

    1. I love how cute everything is too >u< I just wish that the bunny hoodie were fluffier ;n;


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