Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Vassen Kirei Grey Lens Review {Klenspop Sponsored}~

Hi bunnies 
Today I return to you with a circle lens review! As usual, these were sent to me by Klenspop, so please go check them out! They have a lovely selection of circle lenses, and I highly recommend them!
So, let's get started! ^-^
The lenses I'll be reviewing today are the Vassen Kirei Grey lenses! I really like this lens series, I've actually reviewed it before! I've owned them in blue and pink before~ I really like this series because of how pretty they look on my eyes- they look like doll eyes! And they also blend in quite well with my eyes because the inner ring is a golden brown colour that meshes nicely with my hazel eyes ^^
Some specifics about the lenses~

Diameter: 15mm
Graphic Diameter: 14.8mm
Shelf Life: 6 months
Water Content: 38%
Brand: Vassen
Price: $18

As usual, the lenses came safely packaged in glass vials~ I'm actually getting better at opening these!
(Just a small reminder-- Klenspop no longer includes a lens case when you order lenses from them, so you'll have to purchase them separately! You can find them cheaply on eBay though, and sometimes they come with lens solution! ^^)

And here's how the lenses look when worn!
These have a very well-defined, dark limbal ring, which I think looks really nice with the grey of the lens! I think they also blend in quite nicely with my eyes due to the light brown inner ring~ 
I really love the look of these because they're very doll-like ^-^
Here are some more photos of the lenses in different lighting conditions~
Natural lighting

With flash

Dim lighting
As usual, taking a photo with flash really brings out the design of the lenses, but I think they look just as nice in other lighting conditions as well! Even in dim light you can still tell that the lenses are grey, which is a good thing! ^-^ 
And some full face photos~

On the whole I'm very happy with these lenses! As with all Vassen Kirei lenses, the design is gorgeous, and they look especially nice with false eyelashes! This is still one of my favorite lens designs that I've ever tried~
As for comfort, I'd rate these about a 4.5/5, because I noticed that my vision sometimes got a bit blurry when I tried to focus hard on something, if that makes sense >< But aside from that they're very comfortable, and I was able to wear them as usual! 
I really recommend these lenses, and suggest that you try them out if you're looking for something striking!
Before I go, I just wanted to share a little coordinate from a few days ago!
Rainbow Shoujo
Wig: Shy Lolita
Earrings: Eye Candy
Sweater: UNIF
Skirt: American Apparel
Bag: Aliexpress
Shoes: YRU

It was just an experimental little thing I wanted to put together, since I had just gotten my new tennis skirt in the mail ^-^
And on that note,
Thank you for reading! I hope you have a lovely lovely day <3

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