Friday, June 23, 2017

Things I'm Waiting for in the Mail {No. 2}~

Hi hi everybunny~ 
A while ago I made a post about things I was waiting for in the mail, and today I thought I'd do that again because I like sharing my purchases~
I ordered all of this using Zenmarket as my shopping service, because I really like their system! You can just link the item that you want, and they accept orders from most places (although you can't order from shops like Mercari or Fril anymore, which is a shame ;^;)
But anways, here are the things I got!

Liz Lisa Shoes
I've been wanting a pair of Liz Lisa shoes for a while now, but people always sell them for so much second hand >< These were on sale on the Liz Lisa site, so I decided to get them! They did make the shipping cost of my package skyrocket, but hopefully they'll be worth it! ;u;

Ank Rouge Cardigan

I fell in love with the simple yet cute design of this cardigan from Ank Rouge several months ago, and finally decided to get it! I'm really happy that it hadn't sold out by the time I decided to purchase it ;u; I really like the colour of it; I don't have anything else in my wardrobe like it, but it's just such a soft and delicate colour. The design is also very simple, but I think that'll make it easy to pair with a lot of different coordinates. It's also reversible, so you can have the buttons in the front or back!

Moomin T-Shirt
I think Moomin is such a cute character, so I was very happy to find that Uniqlo had a series of Moomin t-shirts! They have very reasonable prices and it was hard to choose just 1 because all the designs were so cute ;u; I'm planning on wearing this on more casual days~

Heroine Makeup Long & Curl Mascara 
Although I'm not currently in need of a new mascara, I saw a review of this one on Little Porcelain Princess's blog and it seemed to fit my needs so perfectly! So I decided to add it on to my order~ This is also the top mascara on Amazon JP, so it should be pretty good!

Those are all the things I ordered using ZenMarket, and I'm quite excited to receive all them! I've been doing a lot of shopping lately and I'll make a big haul post of it all soon, so keep an eye out for that~
Thank you for reading!

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