Friday, May 29, 2015

How Lolita Affects My Social Life {Lolita Blog Carnival}~

Woah it's been a long time since I've done a Lolita Blog Carnival post (oops). If you've forgotten what it is, I have my first LBC post here.

Today I'll be doing a lolita post regarding social life! I thought it was good timing because I just went on my first meetup this past Sunday! ^_^ I'm not really sure how long this post is supposed to be, so I'll just break it into sections I guess...
Gosh I look so derpy here cause I had just gotten my new haircut but oh well ;n;
Photo credit to the lovely Chelsea! (though I think it was one girl's boyfriend who took the photo...)
I've never really been super duper social- in elementary school I was really shy, and it was only in fifth grade (new school) that I got a burst of confidence and made tons of friends. However, I switched schools again the year after that and got into a much less accepting environment. After that I kindof didn't have much of a social life- I had friends and whatnot but not like giant groups of friends and tons of birthday parties and bat/barmitzvas (lots of them in the town where I live). 
I'm in high school, and the first to years (which were lolita-less) were sort of similar to elementary/middle school. I'm quite introverted, so it was difficult to be social/have a social life. The environment was so different from anything I'd experienced before, and it was scary being in such a huge school.

Early Lolita
I got into lolita this previous summer, so the summer before my junior year of high school (3rd year for those of you who don't use that system). I didn't really wear it often though (because I had no way to make good coords). I was a bit nervous about lolita communities, considering how well known the drama is. I didn't want people gossiping about me and criticizing me, so I avoided joining a community. 

Current Lolita
In terms of school, my dressing in lolita has brought up more conversations with people. People are always like 'oooh cool dress', which is nice because it sort of prompts the possibility of a conversation.
In terms of specifically Lolita social lives, my first meetup was this past Sunday! I finally brought up the courage to go to a meetup, and it was fantastic! I met wonderful people, far different from what I was expecting. Everyone was really kind and accepting, which was amazing~ I was really worried and now I just can't wait to go to my next meet ^_^

And some photos of my wonderful local comm~ (I took the photos from Kristi- hope she doesn't mind! Check out her blog!!)
Both Kristi and I had on stained glass dresses! And you can see my new haircut here better than in the group photo~
Her little hair buns were so cute *u*
I loved her coord! The dress was gorgeous. I forget who it was by (some indie brand), but her friend customized it for her and it looked fantastic for the museum meet-up we had~ She also had a cute red parasol that matched her flower crown ^.^
(There are more photos of the girls at Kristi's original post, but I was feeling a bit too lazy to post them all x3 Check them out if you're interested!)

Anyways, I hope you found this post interesting! And sorry if I was too rambly ;~;
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  1. I'm not really into lolita style (I'm more into Aomoji-kei) but I love seeing lolita meetups! They look so fun and everyone's outfits are perfect! I'm glad you found a nice community within lolita >3<

    Minae |

    1. Aomoji-kei is really cute too! Haha my styles are often all over the place, which is problematic because it means I want to buy everything ;u; Everyone's outfits really were perfect ^.^

  2. This is a good topic for a post. Lolita was a big part of my social life but now I've moved countries so have to start again. I'm happy to hear that your local comm is awesome ^_^

    { }

    1. I'm glad you liked the topic! I thought it was quite relevant~ I hope you get into lolita again! It's really such a fun fashion~

  3. really great pictures and cool outfits =D

    1. Haha the pictures weren't taken by me ;u; But the outfits are super cool, aren't they? ^_^


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