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Neverland Stained Glass JSK and Infanta Teal Blouse Unboxing/Review~

Hellooooo everyone!
Once again, I couldn't resist ordering from
But I have an excuse this time! 
I was browsing around the site a little while ago when I stumbled upon a stained glass dress. Now, I've been wanting a stained glass dress for ages, ever since I saw Haenuli's (I think that's how you spell their name...) stained glass series. The dress was from a company I had never heard of before- "Neverland". However, the dress looked gorgeous, and it was half as expensive as Haenuli's design (and a bit more interesting), so I went for it! I also ordered a 'peacock green' blouse from Infanta which I hoped would match the dress. It didn't, but that's okay because both are still fantastic.
I did an unboxing and I thought I'd write a review as well, since I haven't seen any reviews for the "Neverland" shop. 
Firstly, the unboxing video! Sorry that I look like a derp, it was right after a big exam in school (which wasn't fun).
I'll start with a review of the dress, because it was the main reason for my purchase (and because the dress is fabulous).

Neverland Church Window High Waist Lolita Jumper Dress
They didn't have stock photos of the dress in the black colorway, but this is the design
I fell in love with the design of the dress, and I'm so very happy that I decided to buy it <3
I'll just show photos and explain along the way.
Dress top!
The fabric of this dress looks very shiny on photo, but that's mostly because I had to use flash when taking these photographs. Although the black of the dress is a bit lighter than the black of the accent fabrics, it's not that noticeable in real life. I love that the top of the bodice is lined in velvet ribbon- I love velvet. The lace they use on the straps is quite nice- not too overwhelming, and it works well with the design of the dress.
Back of the dress
The back of the dress has shirring as well as corset lacing. Because of this, it can fit a large range of sizes. Neverland carries 2 sizes of this product, and they also do custom sizing (which is nice). It's a little bit too big on me, so I'm glad that it came with the corset lacing.
Big bow!
In addition to there being corset lacing and shirring, on the back are 'waist ties'. But... not really! It's a bow that's already been tied (and you can't really untie it- which I'm grateful for because I can't tie waist ties for the life of me). The ends of the bow have lace on them, which is nice~ I think the bow looks really pretty, and it's removable too which is nice! (If you don't like the look of the bow).

And now what I think is the most interesting part: the print!

I think the print is super interesting- although it seems quite religious. I had many people telling me that they felt like they were in a church when they looked at my dress xD The print isn't perfect (it's not perfectly crisp), but you can't even tell that on photos, so it's alright~
Bottom of the dress layers~
The bottom of the dress has a layer of super soft lace followed by two super soft chiffon layers. It looks much nicer than if the dress just bluntly ended at the print.
I forgot to take a photo of it, but the dress is also lined! So it feels very soft against the skin~ Overall the dress is super comfy- it doesn't squish me to death like some of my other dresses do, so that's a plus :3

And now, photos!
I decided to do a gothic style coord with this dress, and I like it quite a bit considering that it's my first try at gothic lolita.

You can't really see the flower that I'm holding between my teeth, which makes the pose look awkward xD
And now, moving on to the blouse!

Infanta Swan Lake Blouse
Pretty <3
I think this blouse is a really unique color, which does make it hard to coord. I haven't worn it in a lolita outfit yet, but I have worn it in a sort of 'casual' way (though it really can't be that casual since it's so fancy...), and it looks great like that~ 
Whenever I wear this blouse I feel like a pirate renaissance painter princess, which is fabulous~
One of the things I love about this dress is the collar. The lace on it is really nice and soft and not at all scratchy, which is a huge plus. The lace actually lining the collar isn't stiff, which is nice. The buttons are heart shaped, which I didn't notice originally. I think I might replace them- while they are cute, they don't really fit my aesthetic. Maybe I'll replace them with brass buttons- I think that would look pretty.

My favorite part of this blouse has to be the sleeves- they're so puffy! They're the tiniest bit too short, but it's really not noticeable. The poof starts 1/4 of the way down your arm, which has a really cool effect (and thus keeps you from looking broad shouldered). I also really like the cuff of the sleeve. The lace is different from the lace on the collar, which I think is a cute touch. 
The material of this blouse is so soft. As I mentioned in the video (if you watched the video), it's chiffonish, but at the same time it's not see-through, which is a huge plus. The fabric is wonderful for the summer- I wore it today and wasn't at all too hot in it. The problem with cotton blouses in my opinion is that they can be a bit uncomfy in the summer- this is really nice on the other hand.
Regarding the fit of the blouse: be sure to measure carefully! There's hardly any stretch to this, and the measurements I find are quite exact. This fits me well- I was mostly measuring so that the sleeve length would be fine, since I have long arms, but if you have a bit bust for example, I suggest you measure it and chose the site accordingly.

Overall I'm super happy with all of my purchases! I'm wearing the JSK to a meet-up (my first meet-up!) this Sunday. We'll be going to an art museum, so I feel it won't be too out of place there~ The blouse I also love a ton <3

Anyways, thank you for reading! I hope you found this post helpful.
What's a dress print that you'd like to see?


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    1. Thank you! <3 Yeah it's a super cute dress ^_^

  2. Don't worry, you didn't look like a derp! The dress looks gorgeous on you!
    Hope your exams went well!

    Minae |

    1. Haha thanks! <3 It's a wonderful dress I kind of want to wear it every day x3
      They didn't go too badly- thanks! ^_^

  3. I'm in love with your style~ <3 everything you got is absolutely beautiful! (o^^o)
    ~Kiyomi from kokorosasa

  4. Nice Review! Love the video and text/photo option available for viewers- I typically skip video only posts since I prefer reading, so the choice is really helpful!
    Onto the actual review/items: The highwaist dress is so gorgeous! Love that giant bow in the back.
    Would you mind adding some detail about the fit of the blouse bust wise? Is it accurate to measurements? I'd love to see some pictures of you wearing it!
    Nice order.

    1. I'm glad you liked the formatting! I also sometimes prefer text posts to videos (I don't always have my headphones on me), so I thought it would be useful for my readers/viewers that prefered one or the other~
      Sure, I'll add in some information about the fit! ^_^ Completely forgot to do that. I'll add in photos once I take more.
      Thanks for your comment and suggestion! <3

  5. The JSK is so pretty, I love it!

    { }

    1. Isn't it gorgeous? ^.^ I love it too <3 I wish I could wear it every day x3


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